My paintings weave between quiet moments and bursts of decisiveness. In my studio, I create an environment which fosters spontaneity and growth over predictability.

I select materials to best convey what I feel in the moment. After developing an atmosphere with washes and grounds, I use materials that let me dive into the work with urgency. I may choose pastel sticks or charcoal for the immediacy, or a heavy application of paint to convey feelings of unrest.

These materials also deliver a certain grittiness, which reflect my memories of growing up in a flat, gray, industrial town in the Midwest. I’m drawn to the unexpected nature of charcoal and pastel as they are prone to crumble and leave a dust behind. These materials are also hard to cover up, so I must be decisive and bold with each mark, overcoming fear of the consequences.

My current series looks more closely into the line between chaos and simplicity. I strive to find clarity amid a background of noise and interruptions, both in my personal life and as a person in our distraction-filled world.