Claire Gerard is a Midwest-born artist who lives and works in the Greater Boston area. A lifelong artist, Claire’s undergraduate degree is in English and psychology. She is an active member of a critique group lead by painter Lois Tarlow. She currently paints in her home studio.


My paintings explore my personal history of growing up in a small Midwestern town. Visual memories of this time and place—the perpetual grayness of the winter sky, the faded pastels of factories, and expanses of cornfields—emerge in my work. I recreate these landscapes with repeated marks, spacious compositions, a muted color palette. 

I choose materials that give me freedom in the moment. Charcoal allows me to be decisive and bold. Pastels provide the immediacy of color. Acrylic lets me shift from wet loose applications to heavy and opaque. Through these materials, I weave between decisiveness and deliberation and deliver my emotions onto the surface. 

My paintings also play with the passage of time. I scrape away at fresh marks, revealing past lines and previous layers. This blurred sequence of creation lets me play with the passage of time that has occurred during the paintings creation.